Ensuring ongoing training of company associates and scientific investigators regarding your Company’s publication policy, procedures and industry standards is critical to ensure transparent and consistent application of ethical practices.  It also provides clear understanding of roles & responsibilities, and expectations when working on company-sponsored publications.

Creation of Training Materials

Training (virtual or face-to-face)


Case Study



Company was building an internal medical writing group based in India.  Based on prior experience with similar initiative, Global team had identified challenges such as lack of adequate experience or appropriate skill sets required for publication writing by India-based writers. 



  • Assessed level of knowledge and types of skill sets of the internal medical writers compared to desired skill sets & knowledge level required for successful publication writing.


  • Developed a customized, comprehensive publication process map, tools and resources that addressed the needs.


  • Developed & implemented a comprehensive training program – onsite training, workshops, webinars, long-term mentoring & coaching.


Successful Outcomes:

The competency level and required skill sets of the internal writers improved substantially.  The writing group continues to grow in supporting more publications and related projects for completion internally.

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