Publication Practice Counselor

Publications Practice services

With this service, rest assured you can receive advice from expert publication professionals in confidence* with prompt attention to your queries within 24-48 hours.**  Customized (based on your company/institution’s publication policies & SOPs while meeting industry standards) and individualized support to help you address difficult or unique situations related to authorship, publication process, etc. on an ad-hoc basis… it’s the support you need, whenever you need it!! 

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*Monthly subscription & services for Publication Counselor will be under a signed confidentiality agreement with your company. Optimal advice can be provided with receipt of company’s publication policies & SOP.

**Queries will be acknowledged within 24-48 hours of receipt and input will be provided promptly to address the question.  If the query requires further research, you will be informed accordingly and it may take longer than 48 hours for final response depending on the complexity of the topic/query. Every effort will be made to address your query as quickly as possible.

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