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Scientific communication and publications are the foundational cornerstone for product success. Medical education & promotional materials are built based on published literature. Proper planning is crucial for timely dissemination of your scientific data to the right audience. We can help you achieve your scientific communication and publication objectives while ensuring they meet ethical & industry standards.

Scientific Communication & Publication Planning (Clinical Trial Summaries, Congress & Journal Publications, Medical Education)

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Scientific Communication Materials (Publications, Slide Sets, Monographs, Brochures, White Papers, Content for Digital Media) 

Case Study



Company had conducted a large, international, multi-center clinical trial of a hematology compound involving >1,700 patients with various underlying anemia.  In addition, the study had included patients from over 20 countries around the world, thus giving wealth of data and insights across the geographical regions. Clinical teams and investigators often focus on and aim for 2-3 publications from a clinical trial.  Our challenge and task was to ensure that the extensive clinical data available from this study was fully and appropriately communicated to the medical community.



Given that this clinical trial provided data on multiple efficacy and safety variables in a wide range of patient populations (multiple disease states and anemia) across more than 20 countries, there was a tremendous amount of data for scientific communications and publications from this study, including various subset analyses that provided clinically-relevant data and information. 

    • -  In collaboration with Study Scientific Committee, a comprehensive publication planning approach including clinical and patient-reported outcomes data was undertaken ⇒ >100 publications, including 13 articles in top tier hematology journals were published.


  • -  This provided significant wealth of published data for medical education via satellite symposia, educational tours and summits, and various digital and print media enduring materials to further      educate thousands of healthcare professionals.


Successful Outcome:

Hematology healthcare professionals had increased awareness and familiarity of this study as well as the efficacy and safety profile of the hematologic treatment that was evaluated in this study – to ultimately benefit the patients through optimal treatment regimens.


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